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Emerging Leaders of Europe - Differences that matter

Emerging Leaders in Europe

Do you have the right future leaders?

Emerging Leaders model - Vision, Action, Impact, Human, Drive

We are at the door of a very challenging decade. Organisations must plan ahead and create a ‘people’ strategy that goes beyond the tried and test routines.

Research conducted by Hudson, Emerging Leaders; Differences that matter looked to assess the potential of emerging leaders across Europe. These individuals need strong skills, attitudes and behaviours to drive organisations to grow and prosper in the ‘new normal’ economic climate.

But have you identified and assessed your emerging leadership talent? What programmes do you have in place to support them to grow?

Download the Emerging Leaders; Differences that matter Research and gain insights into how you can grow your business through:

  1. Establishing a high potential talent management strategy
  2. Determining the criteria for identifying ‘likely’ emerging talent
  3. Using measurement and tracking techniques to identify your high potentials
  4. Managing and tailoring your emerging leaders career paths

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