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The purpose of executive coaching is to empower the coachees by facilitating self-directed learning, personal growth and improved performance. Hudson bases the coaching on creating a room for mutual respect and trust. One-on-one, confidential coaching sessions over an agreed, limited period of time, for senior professionals and executives: to help them develop along their career path; to enable them build on their strengths and manage their self-imposed boundaries; to allow them effectively to add real value to their organization.

In Hudson we as coaches facilitate the learning, and thus do not tell what the coachees need to do or give specific advice. Focus is on helping the coachees gain more insight into the gap between the actual behavior and the desired behavior. Since the coachees come to new insights, they will anchor this more strongly in their behavior. Therefore the result will not be a temporary, but a permanent behavioral change and advancement.

Coaching is a highly effective way to identify, develop and enhance the professional and personal skill-sets of teams and individuals. The general method has a proven track record in improving the output of those who put themselves in the hands of an experienced, professional coach.

A coach brings an objective perspective to the client. The coach helps the client to see:

  • Beyond their own horizons
  • Beyond self-imposed boundaries
  • Beyond current goals to more ambitious goals

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